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ISP Pinout Database

Currently performing chip offs on devices and finding ISP pinouts to publish for examiners to use



Python script to quickly find a SHA-1 or MD5 hash in an image or folder of files, could be useful for CTFs!

Fall 2019

Star Wars Forensic CTF

Currently finalizing questions and methods for publishing this capture the flag!

Winter 2019


Mobile Evidence Acquisition Toolkit – Python toolkit to create “physical”, logical, filesystem, and backup acquisitions on iOS Devices and Android Devices.

If you’d like a beta version, please email me!

Roadblocked due to pymobiledevice & M2Crypto issues 🙁


More mac_apt Plugins

Working on the presentation for the  2019 Magnet User Summit has delayed updates & new plugins, but there’s still more to come!


Champlain College Senior Capstone

Currently generating ideas for the year long capstone project for my senior year at Champlain College

August 2019 – May 2020


Python based Semi-Automated Volatility Memory Analysis using Elk Stack. Currently in concept only.